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Finland in China takes a great leap forwards in Hangzhou

The Finnish showroom pavilion and café have been inaugurated and opened in the Cross-border Trading Town (CBT) in Hangzhou, China.

Welcome to the Finnish pavilion

FinC Trade Platform and the Uusimaa Region leadership, together with Hangzhou Xiacheng district government and Hangzhou Xintiandi Group inaugurated the 25th country stop pavilion on 3 September by gilding the FinC logo and the pavilion name to be preserved in the heart of all the guests witnessing the event.

Guilding the FinC Finland pavilion logo

Finland pavilion is a showroom for Finnish consumer products and is currently showcasing Finnish official Santa Claus products, healthy foods, berries, fashion, accessories, food supplements, watches and jewelry.

Showroom for Finnish products

FinC Trade Platform is geared to help any and all attractive Nordic products to enter China through the pavilion and provide channels to grow beyond the cross-border e-commerce trading method towards regular trade, when products start showing good demand on the marketplace.

If you're interested in the FinC trade services, don't hesitate to contact us. Together we can formulate a strategy for your products or even services for China.

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