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Sister-province cooperation one step closer

A Letter of Intent signed on historical sister-province cooperation between the provinces of Zhejiang in China and Uusimaa in Finland.

Juha Eskelinen and Ge Huijun signing the LoI

While the Uusimaa delegation visited China to continue the dialogue on the sister-province agreement, part of the Zhejiang leadership was visiting Finland and signed the historical LoI at the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council offices in Helsinki.

The Chairman of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council Mr. Markku Markkula led the exchange in China, when the delegation met with the Zhejiang leaders.

Markku Markkula exchanging gifts with Yuan Jiajun

The official Finnish Santa Claus also paid a visit to the Zhejiang leadership and was surely the most-photographed guest for the evening.

Santa Claus helping to boost the relations between Zhejiang and Uusimaa

There are only a few sister-province/state agreements in existence and mostly between China and Canada and USA, so this is an extremely important and historic topic for Europe and especially for Finland.

FinC Trade Platform have been nominated to aid the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council to negotiate the contents of the agreement. The sister-province platform is an excellent jumping board for accelerating business, trade, and well as, education, cultural and tourism exchange between the regions.