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Santa Claus World and Arena in Hangzhou

FinC Trade Platform brought the Hangzhou Xintiandi Group Chairman of the Board and two business directors to Finland to publish huge projects in a media event organised by Santa Claus Licensing and Santa Claus Foundation at the old Helsinki City Hall. The event featured speakers from the Embassy of China, Helsinki City Government, Santa Claus Foundation, Santa Claus Licensing, Business Finland, Hangzhou Xintiandi Group and FinC Trade Platform.

The first agreements have been signed to bring the authentic Finnish Santa Claus brand to Hangzhou, China and establish a Santa Claus World theme park in Hangzhou. The theme park will also feature a Santa Claus Ice-hockey Multi-function Arena and numerous other attractions. Xintiandi Chairman vouched in his speech to invest over 2 billion euros in building up the land, where the Santa Claus World is going to be located. He also hoped to establish such cooperation with the Finnish consortium that this is going to be the first of many Santa Claus Worlds in China.

The parties to the agreement have been brought together by FinC Trade Platform, who will also take part in the management of said projects in China.