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FinC Trade Platform

FinC have certified connections to medical devices and protective gear manufacturers appointed directly by the public authorities in the Zhejiang province. All these are proven products from trusted manufacturers.

FinC are partnering with them to export licensed products from China.

Low risk, low cost China entry. That's our promise to You!

FinC have facilitated a historical sister-province agreement between Uusimaa and Zhejiang provinces and manages five pillars under this umbrella: Tech&innovation, Education, Trade, Tourism and Cultural exchange

Technology and Innovation

China is transforming into an innovation power house and needs your technology!

FinC have opened a Sino-Finnish Tech Centre in the Jianggan district of Hangzhou, China and partners with the local government in tech transfer. FinC promises you the best possible support and benefits to take your technology to China. Would your company benefit from direct support, partners and VC in China?

Education and training

Zhejiang province education tops that of China!

FinC have facilitated one hundred (100!) regional and sister-school education cooperation agreements between Finland and China. First students and teachers visited Finland in August 2019 and teacher training targets helping Chinese educators to benefit from the successes of the Finnish education system.
At the moment, we're planning a school with the FinC brand in Zhejiang.


Interested in the Chinese market?

China has the biggest single market for your consumer products. We have contracts with the biggest channels to market your product and increase the sales fast!
Start with cross-border e-commerce trade (CBT), establish your products, grow sales and move on to normal trade. We will connect you to the national-level wholesalers after your products start moving in quantity.


More and more Chinese travel globally

FinC love to work with city and municipality-level tourism bureaus. We will help you attract more Chinese tourists and official delegations.
Do you have good ideas, where to take the Chinese tourists and what to let them experience? Contact us with your unique ideas and let's put them to work!
The Chinese demand high-quality services. They live for new experiences and want to share them instantly with their friends and colleagues back in China. They are affluent consumers with great travel budgets.

Cultural exchange

The Chinese culture is age-old but they like to experience other cultures, too.

FinC have facilitated Chinese cinema as the theme of Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 at Hyvinkää. Additionally, the first-ever Red Carpet International is planned in the Zhejiang province in 2020.

Finnish cultural week has been established in 2018 as a bi-annual event in Hangzhou and Zhejiang culture will be brought to Uusimaa every other year starting from 2019. Contact us if you would like to participate in this exchange.

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